Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cell Phones are for Phone Booths, Duh

Thought I'd share this story, as it was quite bizarre.

I'm walking to class today and I'm chatting with Devin on my cell phone, catching up on various things as he and I are wont to do. So suddenly this old man walks by and says to me, and I quote, "It's not a phone booth." Then as he's walking away he loudly mumbles, "... Prick."

I would have loved to have countered with some witty retort, but in truth, I was too blown away by his comment. This guy was lividly pissed at me, as if I had wronged him some horrible way. Apparently, in the mind of this senile old coot, cell phone usage should be restricted to phone booths. Now granted, I haven't paid much attention to state legislature as of late, so it is entirely possible that this may indeed be a law that was recently enacted, in which case I guess I'm just an ignorant criminal. Then again, I spotted at least three other students walking on the sidewalk and speaking on their cell phone as I finished my walk to class, so I guess this campus is just full of delinquents.

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