Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bee in my bed

So the most bizarre thing happened to me the other day. I wake up for class, like any other day, and hop in the shower. Weird huh.


No, the weird part actually happened after the shower. I got dressed. Crazy, isn't it.


I lied again, really the abnormal part was I went to class. Odd, huh.


Ok I'll stop fooling around. The REAL weird thing was, after the shower, I went back into my room to get ready, and on my pillow, inches from where my head rested moments earlier, was a GIANT bumblebee, sitting there motionless, just staring at me with it's little bee eyes! It was so eerie. After a few seconds it buzzed into the air and flew up to my ceiling fan... How did it get in?? I left my window open all day and upon returning that afternoon it was gone. But I have to say, I can think of no worse way to wake up than to get stung in the head by a giant bumblebee. What could be worse than that? I defy you to think of a worse way to wake up (within reason).

Oh also that night I went to bed. What a crazy day.

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