Thursday, February 21, 2008

In The Balance

Hello All. First, let me thank Nick for the nice introduction and plug for my previous blog, a joint venture with fellow blogger Alex Blanski, in which we tried the world of vegetarianism for a month. Check out the link, the stories are decently funny and still relevant, and maybe it will inspire you to give it a try as well. Let me also sing Nick's praises for a second and mention that he has a widely successful blog of his own, the Nick and Nick's Twins Blog which has received its fare share of accolades.

On to the matter at hand. I am in the balance over how to approach this blog. I admit that I am a huge Obama-phile. And if this were to take a political turn, I could post daily about my opinions about the race. However, they would be both quite opinionated and more serious in nature, and thus I feel as though I should shy away from the subject a bit, and find more light-hearted musings. Serious or humorous? You may say to yourself, "Devin, you're not that funny, don't worry about it." And you know... that's a good point. Either way I look forward to this joint project and am anxious to reestablish myself in the blogosphere (is that really not a word yet? probably for the best). (By the way, I use an unhealthy amount of parenthesis in my posts, so bear with me). (Like this!). So if I get too serious, talking about Obama or the environment or whatever, just slap me, or at least send me an angry message.

I look forward to hearing your comments, as they are always more welcome than you can imagine.


Ian McConnell said...


here's a nice little quip to keep things light-hearted:

What do you call a political candidate with 8 legs?

ANSWER: a Barack-topus

Ian McConnell said...

p.s. read my blog/tumblog:

talk to you gents later.